innovation | June 17, 2013

Jay Shuster on Innovating at Pixar: "Pain Is Temporary, Suck Is Forever"

How does Pixar keep creating some of the most inventive films, year after year? According to innovation speaker Jay Shuster, it takes "relentless[ly] keeping an eye on everything that ensures quality." (Considering every Pixar film since Toy Story grossed an average of more than $500 Million in worldwide box office sales, it seems their perseverance pays off.) At InnoTown, an innovation conference in Ålesund, Norway, Shuster shared a number of trusims that express Pixar's extreme devotion to craft.

"Pain is temporary, suck is forever." 
— On completely rewriting Toy Story 2 only eight months before release because "it wasn't good enough."

"Gentle steering allows us creative people to play."
— On Pixar's policy to not send employees a barrage of emails, but instead let their staff work through their projects without being exceedingly micromanaged. 

"I'm trying to get back to pen and paper."
— On taking a step back from digital applications and using old mediums to work through ideas.

In his keynotes, Shuster dovetails his ideas and perspective on innovation with practical strategies that can be implemented in any situation.


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