entrepreneurs | April 12, 2012

Into the Dragons' Den: Wealthy Barber David Chilton On His New Gig

The CBC can't get enough of David Chilton. The bestselling "Wealthy Barber" is practically a regular on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos, and fills in for Kevin O'Leary on The Lang & O'Leary Exchange. So when the time came to find a new judge for their hit reality show Dragons' Den, choosing Chilton was a natural choice.

But Chilton tells the CBC Live that he was apprehensive at first. “I was quite interested right away but I felt mixed emotions. I'm a very low key guy. I like being under the radar.” Enter the lone female dragon (and Lavin exclusive speaker), Arlene Dickinson: “What really led me to doing this was that they set me up to talk with Arlene, and Arlene was amazing. She's so smart and so helpful, she talked about the process and the pros and cons.” Going into the studio for a couple dry runs “pushed me over the edge,” says Chilton.

More from the interview:

CBC Live: How do you feel about going into the Den and into competition with the other Dragons?

David Chilton: I think there's been more and more of that going on because the quality of the pitches continues to rise so you're likely going to have that competition. That's something I'm going to have to get accustomed to because, again, I tend not to be too aggressive and I always want to be polite. But in the end, you really want the pitchers to do well, you want them to have a thriving business or at least a good opportunity for one, so you want them to get your capital. Do I hope it comes from me if I love the idea? Obviously. But if it comes from somebody else, I can live with that too. I really want the business idea to be the big winner.

While he might be new to the Den, Chilton is no stranger to the green stuff. He's the author of the best-seller The Wealthy Barber and has just released a sequel, The Wealthy Barber Returns. His talks revolve around trusting yourself, finding perspective and overcoming past errors in financial planning.

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