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leadership | Feb 22nd, 2017

Courage Inside the Fire: Introducing New Speaker Darby Allen

How can you be your best, most resilient self when faced with a crisis? Fire chief Darby Allen—known as the human face of the Fort McMurray wildfires of 2016, Canada’s costliest natural disaster—draws on his long career to show how to be a stoic, quick-thinking leader in tough situations.  During... Continue Reading →
politics | Feb 16th, 2017

“He’s Created His Own Ecosystem.” The Lavin Interview with Mark Leibovich: On Trump and Political Disruption

Mark Leibovich’s trenchant take on the elite world of Washington politics—the major and minor players, the whole gilded institution—has earned him the #1 spot on the bestseller list (for This Town) and won him praise as “the reigning master of the political profile” (Washingtonian magazine). One of... Continue Reading →
conferences | Feb 7th, 2017

The Future of Meetings: A Live Event with Speakers from Forbes, TED, Trendhunter, and The Lavin Agency

How can we make the most of our meetings? On March 13th, The Lavin Agency will present a live event in New York City, bringing together leading minds from TED, Forbes, and TrendHunter to offer action-oriented strategies toward planning your next event, convention, or conference. Join a group of... Continue Reading →
diversity & race | Feb 2nd, 2017

“A Call for Creative Courage”: Four Muslim Speakers on Fighting Islamophobia

What does it mean to be a Muslim in America—or in the world—today? And what will life look like in the wake of Trump’s travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries? Below are four Muslim speakers—a stand-up comic, a New York Times op-ed writer, a halal butcher, and a #1 bestselling author—who... Continue Reading →
u.s. politics | Jan 30th, 2017

Kal Penn Raises Half a Million (and Counting) in Just Two Days for Syrian Refugees

Since being the target of a xenophobic Twitter comment, speaker Kal Penn has crowdsourced more than half a million dollars in support of Syrian refugees. The actor and former Obama staffer sought to raise $1500, but eclipsed the quarter-million mark in 24 hours—and the donations are still pouring... Continue Reading →
marketing | Jan 27th, 2017

Nothing Just ‘Goes Viral’: Watch the New Trailers for Derek Thompson’s Hit Makers

There’s a hidden history to every smash success—a web of economics, psychology, and desire that holds our attention. In these new videos, Atlantic senior editor Derek Thompson reveals fascinating insights from his new, groundbreaking study of how culture gets made, Hit Makers. How Did the... Continue Reading →
authors | Jan 26th, 2017

2017 Book Preview: The Hottest New Titles in Business, Tech, Politics, Culture, and More

Readers rejoice! Below, we round up some of the most anticipated books of the first half of 2017. Discover new works by Matt Taibbi, Shawn Micallef, Scott Sonenshein, Derek Thompson, MJ Hegar, Adam Alter, Daniel Lerner, Anthony Tjan, David Kwong, Douglas Stephens, and Helen Papagiannis.... Continue Reading →
digital | Jan 19th, 2017

What Makes New Technology So Addictive? Read Adam Alter’s New Book, Irresistible

Addiction is nothing new. But today, it’s all about tech: Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Instagram, and the latest app keep us tied to our screens. So what makes these platforms so enticing? In Irresistible, Adam Alter breaks down the latest in behavioral addiction—and shows us how to kick the habit.... Continue Reading →
u.s. politics | Jan 18th, 2017

Letters from the Big Top: Matt Taibbi’s New Book, Insane Clown President

In Insane Clown President, author and Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi delivers a scathing record of the 2016 presidential election, both a postmortem and vital look ahead as the new guard moves in.  Previously, Taibbi turned his unforgiving eye on the American wealth gap in The Divide (2014),... Continue Reading →
retail | Jan 11th, 2017

How Did Maureen Chiquet Lead Chanel Through a Decade of Disruption?

We don’t often think of empathy and collaboration as intrinsic to heading a thriving global business. But when Maureen Chiquet led Chanel through one of the most tumultuous eras in retail—and grew the company threefold, no less—it was this overlooked skillset that allowed them to evolve. Chiquet... Continue Reading →
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