science | October 14, 2015

Evolution by Design: Neri Oxman’s Inspiring New TED Talk

In the work of Neri Oxman, the disciplines of art, science, architecture, and ecology fuse to form a new kind of discipline—one based on the lessons of biomimicry (in which we look to nature for design solutions). As she says in this new TED Talk, it’s “evolution not by natural selection, but evolution by design.” This presentation—dubbed “Design at the Intersection of Technology and Biology”—opens a new vista onto a wondrous and sustainable future now within reach. Or, as Oxman describes it, “a new age of symbiosis between our bodies, the microorganisms that we inhabit, our products, and even our buildings” (a process she calls material ecology).

“What if we could create structures that would augment living matter?” she asks. “What if we could create personal microbiomes that would scan our skin, repair damaged tissue, and sustain our bodies? Think of this as a form of edited biology ... If the final frontier of design is to breathe life into the products and buildings around us, to form a true material ecology, then designers must unite these two world views. Which brings us back, of course, to the beginning. Here’s to a new age of design, a new age of creation, that takes us from a nature-inspired design, to a design-inspired nature, and that demands of us, for the first time, that we mother nature.”

Avant garde yet wholly accessible, Oxman makes a powerful and eloquent case for adapting sustainable, nature-derived concepts to tackle our most daunting challenges in design, business, society, the environment, and our daily lives. To hire Neri Oxman as the keynote speaker for your next event, contact The Lavin Agency speakers bureau

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