environment | October 02, 2012

The Big Thirst: Charles Fishman To Give Keynote on Water Ethics

Environmental speaker Charles Fishman will deliver a keynote speech on October 11 on the ethics of water and the importance of its conservation. The symposium will be hosted at the Delaware Valley College in Doyleston Pennslyvannia. Fishman, and others in his peer group, will explore the vital role that water plays in all of our lives, the practices we must enact to preserve it, and the technologies emerging to better control our consumption.

Fishman is an investigative journalist and the author of the The Big Thirst, the bestselling book that challenges perceptions of how we see our most valuable natural resource. Water conservation, he argues, is not an issue reserved for only environmentalists. Large corporations, even ones that seem to have no direct link to water, such as IBM, have been reevaluating their consumption to find innovative ways of improving water efficiency. In researching his book, Fishman has traveled across the globe to explore the relationships that different companies and communities around the world have with water. In his talks, Fishman exposes us to our changing water habits—and explores what's at stake, where the opportunity is, and why we need to think seriously about how we use every drop.

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