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Ecoholic Adria Vasil: Change The World By Speaking Your Mind

What does Ecoholic author and environmental speaker Adria Vasil suggest we all employ as a New Year's resolution? Speaking up when something is bothering us, she writes in a new article. It's a skill worth honing if we want to make big changes in 2013, and she explains that we don't do it enough. "Until we evolve into a race of mind-readers," she writes, "speaking the truth is the squeaky wheel getting the oil so, gang, it’s time to say it out loud." While she focuses mainly on environmental concerns and green activism in her work, the advice she provides in her column can be used to create any changes you want to see happen this year.

After you have honed in on what it is you want to change, she suggests starting an online petition. Speaking out about your concerns individually is great, she says, but amassing a group of like-minded individuals together tends to make a bigger impact. Social change platforms like Change.org, a site co-founded by fellow Lavin speaker Ben Rattray, are good venues to get people on board with your mission, she notes. The website, which has now over 25 million members, has proven exceptionally successful in mobilizing groups of people with similar goals and gaining the attention of policy makers capable of making big changes. Each month, Vasil will be featuring a "petition of the month" in her popular Ecoholic column.

More traditional forms of social media are also great tools to use to make an impact, she says. She cites the example of the successful tweet #idlenomore—which sparked an international movement—as proof of the power that the online community has to combine forces for good. Further, she says it's important to not get lost in your own personal bubble and to remember that we are all interconnected. It is easier than ever before to make meaningful connections with people from all over the world who share similar interests and passions as you, she says, so perhaps 2013 may finally be the year to speak your mind.

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