entertainers | February 21, 2013

Dave Hemstad Talks "Awards Season" On The CBC

In his standup, Dave Hemstad often provides observational musings on day-to-day life: the frustrations and social issues we all think about, but don't often discuss. Hemstad recently appeared on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight to do just that—cracking jokes about the upcoming Awards season and life in Canada in general. Always hilarious—without being crude—Hemstad has a commanding stage presence no matter what the venue. He is confident and flexible with his material, which makes him an ideal speaker for a myriad of different audiences. Not only is Hemstad an adept emcee and comic, he's also able to share some insightful lessons on motivation and innovation. A regular on CBC's The Debaters and on the comedy circuit, Hemstad will teach you a thing or two about life—while making you laugh in the process.

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