social media | March 28, 2011

Best of Twitter: Three Lavin Speakers Among Time's Top 140 Tweeters

Time recently picked the 140 Best Twitter Feeds in the world, and three Lavin speakers made the cut. There’s Paul Kedrosky, the editor of Infectious Greed, and an opinionated and prolific tweeter. Prolific is an understatement — yesterday alone, he pushed out over 50 tweets! There’s also Ta-Nehisi Coates, who runs a riotously provocative blog over at The Atlantic; he also contributes pieces to the magazine, like this recent article on a neighborhood in Detroit that is holding on, barely, to its place as black America’s richest suburb. And then, of course, there’s Margaret Atwood, the bestselling novelist, poet, and critic, who, decades into an award-winning career in literature, has taken to the Twittersphere with a contagious enthusiasm that proves good writing is just good writing, regardless of medium or character count.  

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