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Arlene Dickinson is the Newest Scotiabank Business Champion [VIDEO]

"The old way of doing business is literally that—the old way of doing business," Arlene Dickinson said in a Town Hall-style interview. Famous for her role on CBC's business show Dragon's Den, the successful entrepreneur and business mogul has just added Scotiabank Business Champion to her long-list of credentials. In the discussion with Toronto Star Publisher John Cruickshank, Dickinson talked about everything from her early days with Venture Communications and what it takes to build a business to the triple-bottom-line. Business owners, she said, are becoming increasingly concerned not just with making a profit, but also ensuring that their company is both socially and environmentally responsible. 

She also says that a business owner no longer has to have a firm divide between who they are at home and who they are at work. "My success has really been the result of being the same person at business as I am at home," she said, "the more you can be the same person the more genuine and authentic you can be." Cruickshank attested to Dickinson's genuine persona, saying that: "In my dictionary, under authenticity, they've got Arlene's picture."

It is this "authenticity" that makes Dickinson so relateable in her day-to-day business and in her informative keynotes.She believes that anyone who aspires to can succeed in small business and entrepreneurship with the right tools. In a recent article on start-up businesses, she says that having the passion to succeed is important, but you must also need to listen to the advice of those around you and rigorously plan out your strategy. Her advice is always empathetic, but stern—proving that she is both capable of being business minded without losing herself in the process.

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