diversity | August 08, 2013

A Searing Analysis on Race, Trayvon Martin, & the Zimmerman Trial: Ta-Nehisi Coates [VIDEO]

When the George Zimmerman verdict dropped last month, Ta-Nehisi Coates—one of the trial’s most astute observers—was in France. He was asked by the American Library in Paris to read from his memoir, The Beautiful Struggle, about growing up during the crack epidemic in mid-80s Baltimore. Instead, he gave this powerful and moving talk. It’s well worth watching the entire thing, above. Coates, an Atlantic writer and editor, is riveting throughout. “You take the distance from where I am right now, as a 37 year old man, to where I was when I was Trayvon Martin’s age—and I think about my life being stopped right there. You get really, really sad about that. You begin to understand the deep personal tragedy.”

Coates's talks delve into the conflicted and hopeful state of black America today. With an eye to how pop culture, politics, and history shape race, Ta-Nehisi Coates fully customizes his keynotes for audiences. To book a diversity speaker like Coates, contact The Lavin Agency.

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