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Job Title: Sales Associate

The Lavin Agency

The Lavin Agency is the largest intellectual talent agency in the world. And probably the only one. We represent the world's leading thinkers, doers, writers, artists, and scientists. As a talent agent, you will be the agent for Pulitzer Prize winners, Guggenheim Fellows, TED Prize Winners, Nobel Laureates—people who want to make the world a smarter place. And we think that’s good. Smarter people make better decisions and make the world a better place. Maybe. That’s debatable. And real debate is good. Have you stayed up all night debating politics, music, art, or the economy? A real debate where you agree about a lot, and what you disagree about is interesting? Yes? Then maybe we’re a good fit for you.

We have 35 staff and we’re growing. We’re interesting, engaged, and curious people working globally from downtown Toronto. This job is for the engaged and engaging, the curious and the opinionated.

Job Summary:

Responsible for finding, securing and optimizing opportunities for the company’s speakers through consultation with corporations, associations, meeting and event planners.

The Sales Associate’s main objective is to fully qualify all new opportunities for speaking events by gathering and recording as many of the up-front details regarding the event as possible. The Sales Associate is then responsible for ensuring all event details are input into the contact management database to ensure an Agent can efficiently and effectively carry out the second level of contact with the objective of closing the sale and assigning a speaker to the event.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Prospects, generates and nurtures new leads and sources new opportunities through phone and email contact with corporations, associations, educational organizations and public events looking for speakers for conferences and events to grow and maintain client database.

2. Performs on-line research (database and internet) to identify new business opportunities.

3. Fully qualifies potential new clients by ensuring accurate information is secured (e.g., name and contact information of decision maker, budget for speaking event, etc.).

4. Inputs all event details into the contact management database to ensure an Agent can carry out the second level of contact where the objective is to close the sale and assign a speaker to the event.

5. Actively learns about all company speakers in addition to maintaining a broad knowledge of the speaking industry.

6. Leverages marketing initiatives to source new business and provide value to existing clients.

7. Supports Agents and their goals for business growth by engaging and fully qualifying potential clients for upcoming speaker events.

8. Assists with proposals, contracts and administrative support as required.

9. Ensures all logistical items are passed on to the appropriate internal resources for execution or follow-up (Event Coordinators, Agents, Marketing, etc.).

10. Ensures all pertinent information and details of emails, phone call notes, etc. are entered into the contact management database.

11. Performs other tasks and responsibilities as assigned and required.

Job Qualifications & Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in a Business or Marketing or equivalent work experience
• 1+ years of experience in a business development role or other sales environment
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Above average interpersonal skills
• Strong entrepreneurial spirit with unquestionable customer service skills
• Demonstrated ability to communicate persuasively with others both on the phone and through email correspondence
• Skilled at soliciting and securing information from potential client
• Ability to meet aggressive call quotas and deal with a high volume of work
• Meticulous attention to detail
• Excellent organizational skills
• Ability to multi-task, prioritize the tasks at hand based on value to the company, meet deadlines and work in a fast-paced environment
• Software skills including proficiency with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Strong Internet research skills
• Familiarity with database management preferred
• Ability to train others

If interested, please send us a fascinating cover letter as well as a worn-out resume. We will not consider applicants who do not send in a custom cover letter!

Send letters and resumes to Title your emails: "Sales Associate!". No calls or visits please; only emails will be accepted.

Send letters and resumes to Title your emails: "Sales Associate, Toronto". No calls or visits please; only emails will be accepted.

Toronto Office
Toronto Office

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