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To the Podium and Back: Olympic Speakers
Sports | February 07, 2014

To the Podium and Back: Olympic Speakers

The Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games officially start today. In celebration, we've compiled a list of Olympic speakers—including athletes and broadcasters—that have much first-hand knowledge of what goes on at the Games. Drawing from their Olympic experiences, these speakers offer powerful keynotes about motivation, leadership, teamwork, and, above all, living your dream. Here they are:

Hayley Wickenheiser: Canada's opening ceremony flag-bearer at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games

Wickenheiser is regarded as one of the best female hockey players in the world. But that's not all. She's also a community leader, mentor to aspiring athletes, student, and businesswoman.

Cassie Campbell: Olympic medalist and broadcaster for Sochi

Bold, dynamic, and passionate, Campbell draws on her accomplishments, on and off the ice, to explore the important intersections between leadership and teamwork, and how to generate focus and determination for success.

Jon Montgomery: Olympic Gold medalist and host of The Amazing Race Canada

Montgomery delighted Canadians by winning Gold in Men's Skeleton at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and was quickly chosen as host of The Amazing Race Canada. On the podium, on TV, and on stage, Montgomery is genuinely funny and always inspiring.

Cindy Klassen: One of Canada's greatest Olympians and six-time medal winner

Klassen entered the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games as the most decorated Olympian in Canadian history. At the 2006 Torino Games, Klassen energized a nation by winning five of Canada's record 24 medals—a medal for every event she took part in.

Catriona Le May Doan: Olympic Gold medalist in speed skating

Articulate, engaging and fluently bilingual, Le May Doan connects with audiences by discussing how to achieve personal excellence and motivating people to realize their full potential.

Silken Laumann: Three-time Olympic medalist and author of Unsinkable

Laumann was in a brutal rowing accident ten weeks before winning an Olympic medal. Today, she speaks about overcoming obstacles, finding silver linings, and the personal story of abuse and mental illness she documents in her memoir, Unsinkable.

Adam Kreek: Olympic Gold medalist and entrepreneur

Kreek studies human performance, achievement, and well being. In energetic keynotes, he helps organizations build stronger teams, create and manage success while overcoming failure, and develop the capacity to effectively deal with change.

Chrisine Sinclair: Captain of the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team

In impassioned and invigorating talks, Sinclair tells the inspiring story of her rise to soccer success. She describes the teamwork, passion, and competitive nature that she needed to rise to the top, as well as the obstacles she has had to overcome.

Ron MacLean: Host of Olympic Primetime at Sochi

MacLean knows that sports are the perfect canvas to showcase the best of human achievement. Known to millions as the host of Hockey Night in Canada, he tells the stories behind the stories, touching on issues of leadership, teamwork, and individual performance.

Peter Mansbridge: Co-Host of the Opening Ceremony at Sochi

A dynamic stage presence, Mansbridge explores the national mood through key social and political issues, highlighting the accomplishments of Canadians both at home and abroad. His love for this country—and his determination to acknowledge our contributions in building a better world—shine through in his talks.

Diana Swain: Co-Host of Olympic Morning at Sochi

A Gemini-winning CBC News anchor, Swain's talks challenge audience members to ask themselves what they're doing to enhance, and develop, our country. She calls on each of us to make our own contribution to our nation.

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