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Why We Need to Pay Teachers More: Education Speaker Ninive Calegari
Education | November 26, 2014

Why We Need to Pay Teachers More: Education Speaker Ninive Calegari

Uber, the much talked-about smartphone taxi service, is recruiting new drivers. That’s good news, right? Well, not really, since the new drivers they’re targeting are teachers.

“They’re not recruiting paediatricians, or legislators, or oceanographers, they’re recruiting teachers because everyone knows that teachers can’t make ends meet,” says education speaker Ninive Calegari in a new TEDx talk on the pressing need to professionalize the vocation. She says teachers are leaving at too high a rate and over 60 percent of educators are seeking out second incomes to make ends meet. Some take on after-hours gigs as housekeepers or bartenders and then go back to their school-bound day jobs feeling disrespected.

“Given that teachers have such an important role, we should nurture them, and love them, and spoil them, and cherish them, and pay them well, and instead, I believe we’re failing,” Calegari says. And it’s not getting better. The decline of teachers’ salaries in relation to GDP has been 2 percent a year since 1970.

In the moving talk, Calegari urges us to put a stop to the decline and offers some routes to this end. With one million teachers set to retire, the time to recognize teaching as a valued profession—one worthy of parental praise when chosen, rather than filled with concern over the ability to make ends meet—is now.

In her talks, Calegari opens up a much-needed discussion about the role, the necessity, and the quiet daily heroism of our best teachers. To book education speaker Ninive Calegari for your next event, please contact The Lavin Agency.
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