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<em>Need, Greed, Speed</em>: How Vijay Vaitheeswaran Solves Global Problems
Innovation | April 18, 2012

Need, Greed, Speed: How Vijay Vaitheeswaran Solves Global Problems

Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran is one of the world's foremost voices on business innovation. His latest book, Need, Speed, and Greed, is the essential insider's guide to the new world of enterprise trailblazing and asks: Can the benefits of the global innovation revolution be shared more equitably amongst all of society?

Vaitheeswaran believes that the 'wicked global problems' we face—a booming global population, the rapid urbanization of our species, climate change, and the risk of global pandemics to name a few—can be overcome by human inventiveness. But only, the award-winning Economist correspondent says, if we "think again about how we innovate, and embrace an approach to innovation that is much more radical, much more disruptive, and much more democratic than the approach taken thus far." His new book is a testament to the vital role this creative business thinking will play in the coming decades.

In his talk, Vaitheeswaran gives three simple rules on how to flourish in the new age of disruptive innovation:

1) Move nimbly
2) Be agile
3) Fail gracefully

Companies must move nimbly if they want to survive, by reducing product cycles and stripping away inefficient practices. They must be much more agile by focusing on openness and looking to other industries for inspiration. And they must embrace 'fast failure' from top to bottom by balancing the need to take risks with the wisdom to abandon projects that don't succeed. For Vaitheeswaran, the groundbreaking innovation needed to change the world must spring from the private sector instead of the public. We must grasp "a different kind of capitalism where we go from 'greed is good' to 'greed for good.'" Need, Speed, and Greed is "the perfect primer for the postindustrial age" (Kirkus Reviews), and proves once again that Vaitheeswaran is one of the most original, optimistic, and energizing voices on business innovation today.
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