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Vanessa Farquharson: A Former Product Junkie Lives Green for a Year
Environment | March 15, 2011

Vanessa Farquharson: A Former Product Junkie Lives Green for a Year

Please welcome our newest speaker Vanessa Farquharson, a National Post journalist and product junkie who made one eco-friendly change to her life every day, cumulatively, for an entire year. 365 days of living green! A perfect speaker for those who feel helpless and doubtful about adopting a green lifestyle, Vanessa wins even the most cynical audiences over with her self-deprecating humor and approachable nature. “Farquharson’s appealing candor and nonsanctimonious attitude make other ecowarriors seem dour by comparison,” writes Publsihers Weekly in a review of her book, Sleeping Naked is Green: How an eco-cynic unplugged her fridge, sold her car, and found love in 366 days. Her literally life-changing exploits — as well as a list of every green change she made, in chronological order — first appeared on her much-talked-about blog, Green as a Thistle.  “I want to stress somewhere that the theme of my talk is flexible,” she told us recently. “I once did a 45-minute lecture on environmentalism and baroque music, so I can pretty much work with anything!”

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