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The Massive Lavin Agency TED Fellows Party [PHOTOS]
Ideas Worth Spreading | December 17, 2012

The Massive Lavin Agency TED Fellows Party [PHOTOS]

Last week in New York, we threw a big party for the TED Fellows—an extraordinary group of men and women who are doing incredible work in science, design, technology, the arts, and social justice. One Fellow, Nina Tandon, is growing artificial hearts. Another, Mitchell Joachim, is helping conceptualize the city of the future. And those are just two examples, randomly chosen! Multiply that by a few dozen, and you get a good idea of the breadth of the program. Oh, we represent the TED Fellows for speaking! The shindig took place in David Lavin's apartment. He travels to Long Beach every year to speak to the Fellows during the big TED conference. So it was a reunion of sorts. Here are some of our favorite shots from the evening:

To see all of the photos, head on over to our Facebook page.
Feature Video

"People are assets, not liabilities," says Bill Strickland in this inspiring video. For thirty years, Strickland has used his innovative arts and training centers to transform the lives of thousands of impoverished adults and teenagers. "By my creating this environment in the inner city, I was able to demonstrate that children who had been written off by life could become extraordinary people," he says. "By creating nurturing environments, you get innovation."

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