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Teaching Creativity in Our Schools: Sarah Prevette’s Walrus Talk
Entrepreneurship | November 11, 2015

Teaching Creativity in Our Schools: Sarah Prevette’s Walrus Talk

This October, Future Design School founder Sarah Prevette gave a short, forceful presentation at The Walrus Talks Innovation event on the state of education in Canada. We’re still working with an antiquated education system, Prevette argues, and one that values methodology poorly suited to today’s turbulent, tech-saturated world. Unless we start valuing creativity, imagination, innovation, and entrepreneurship in our students—and valuing these traits as highly as we do literacy and numerical skills—we’ll be failing “an entire generation” of kids.

At the FDS, Prevette has seen hundreds of students exploring and creating in ways that cultivate this entrepreneurial spirit. As she argues in this stirring talk, “Entrepreneurialism is a mindset; it’s not just about building start-ups, but it’s about knowing you can effect change. It’s having the grit, resilience, mindfulness to do something about the challenges that we’re facing. And if we can create innovative cultures in schools, you never know what our students are going to come up with.”

To learn more about the Future Design School, and how to cultivate and nurture creativity and entrepreneurialism at work as well as at school, book serial entrepreneur Sarah Prevette for your next event by contacting The Lavin Agency speakers bureau.
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