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Chasing the Unknowable Human Voice: Steven Page at TEDx Toronto [VIDEO]
TEDx | October 25, 2012

Chasing the Unknowable Human Voice: Steven Page at TEDx Toronto [VIDEO]

“Can you remember the first time you heard a recording of your own voice played back to you,” speaker Steven Page asks in a new video. “That can’t be what I sound like!” In the trailer, made for his keynote at TEDxToronto this Friday, the Barenaked Ladies co-founder and singer songwriter reminds us that “there’s no more personal communication tool than the human voice.” As he speaks, images of people talking—ripped from our collective memory—flicker by. Marlon Brando yells “Stella.” Neil Young hunches over a microphone. Martin Luther King Jr. & JFK address audiences in the room and on TV. Whitney Houston hits a high note. Church singers testify. Page offers this teaser to his talk: “While playing an instrument requires an external tool to communicate, the voice is simply one’s own body making the noise. Do we chase the answers for how we do this? Or do we embrace the unknown for the very fact that it’s unknown? There’s a point at which we must just open our mouth,” he concludes, “and let our voice come out.” Steven Page speaks Friday at TEDxToronto, which, this year, is co-hosted by fellow Lavin speaker Drew Dudley.
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