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Twitter Can Be Overwhelming; Alexandra Samuel's New Book Can Help
Digital and Social Media | April 02, 2013

Twitter Can Be Overwhelming; Alexandra Samuel's New Book Can Help

"I believe there's a better way to use Twitter: as a relationship medium, one that helps you find, connect, and converse with people," digital and social media speaker Alexandra Samuel writes in the Harvard Business Review. "Being the first with a nugget of industry gossip is nice, but creating, nourishing and sustaining meaningful working relationships is far more fundamental to your professional success and career development." And, in her new book, Work Smarter with Twitter and HootSuite, the social media expert tells you exactly how to use the platform to its full potential.

One of the best ways to use Twitter, the Vice President of Social Media at Vision Critical says, is to organize and categorize your contacts into lists. That way, you can streamline the content you are viewing and focus on only the information you want at any given time. Since Twitter can become somewhat overwhelming and contacts can sometimes slip through the cracks, she stresses the importance of optimizing the platform to suit your unique needs. She also suggests using a program like HootSuite to further streamline your list-making process and organize all of your contacts (and the massive amount of content they post to Twitter) in a meaningful way. In articles like this one and in her social media guidebooks, Samuel presents practical tips for navigating the digital world. She expands on these tips in her popular keynotes where she updates audiences on the trends, and shows them how to capitalize on the new technologies that will make you more productive both online and offline.
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