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Set Your Own Standards: Social Change Speaker Jane Chen
Social Change | July 10, 2013

Set Your Own Standards: Social Change Speaker Jane Chen

Disrupting the status quo isn't easy—but that hasn't stopped social change speaker Jane Chen. In a series of new interviews for the AOL Makers Series, the Co-founder/CEO of Embrace discusses the challenges of bringing a new product to market. It's been difficult to forge a path where no precedent has been set before her, she explains. With the Embrace Baby Warmer, Chen and her team had to "set their own standards," because there is no other product like it. She couldn't follow established strategies because a product like hers had never been marketed or mass produced before. While she said it was difficult to balance the advice of shareholders with her own gut feelings, the success of the product made the hard work worthwhile.

In another media appearance, Chen says that she's learned it only takes a small group of passionate and committed people working together to drive social change. Not only that, but even small advancements can make the world better. After working with children who had been orphaned due to an AIDS pandemic, she was frustrated that solutions to help these people existed—they just weren't accessible. Medications and treatments that were readily available in the developed world were practically non-existent in parts of the developed world. She decided she needed to take action. "It became a personal passion of mine at that time to try to bridge the disparity of healthcare that I saw," she recalls.

Now working to save the lives of premature babies in ten different countries, Chen's vision of closing the health care gap is coming true. By creating low-cost baby incubators that fit the specific needs of those in the developing world, Chen's team is solving a heartbreaking problem. There may not be many of them, and there may still be a lot of work left to go, but Chen's work is already a success. She shares her inspiring story to an assortment of audiences—proving that a little work can go a long way, and, that it doesn't take elaborate measures to help someone in need.
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