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Don't Outsource Your Voice: Shane Gibson Tweets His Top 10 Social Media Don'ts
Social Media | February 15, 2011

Don't Outsource Your Voice: Shane Gibson Tweets His Top 10 Social Media Don'ts

Shane Gibson is one of the most trusted social media speakers today. Drawing on his extensive sales background, Shane built his own business using social media and realized that it was being misused by the majority of companies. He then set out to help other businesses utilize social media as more than just a marketing tool. He has written or co-written several books on social media, including the excellent Sociable! Shane differentiates himself from hundreds of other self-proclaimed “social media speakers” through the practical results he’s delivered, the real-world knowledge he imparts, and the genuine enthusiasm he displays every time he’s on stage.

Here is an example of Gibson’s bottom-line social media strategies: his Top Ten Social Media Don’ts, delivered today, fittingly, as a series of ten tweets on Twitter:

Top 10 social media don’ts:
#1) Outsourcing your voice and brand.

#2) Using your Linkedin profile as a static online resume only.

#3) Neglecting to use social media monitoring tools like Google Alerts, Twitter Search and Facebook search.

#4) Getting in heated arguments and debates online with peers, enemies, customers, your children, your Mom etc.

#5) Locking all your social ID’s to max privacy — it’s like going to a social event with a bag on your head.

#6) Depending on sites like Linkedin, Facebook etc. and not building your own list (email, numbers etc.)

#7) Using someone else’s content, ideas etc. or fabricating achievements —people will know and it will ruin you.

#8) Deleting a mistake, error or angry customer comment. It will make it worse.

#9) Doing embarrassing crazy things. Everyone has a smartphone with video and a camera. It WILL be published.

#10) Send generic, mass messages to your social networks. People will opt-out or mute you with one click.

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