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Debbie Berebichez at TED-Ed: View The World Through Physics Glasses [VIDEO]
Science | January 14, 2013

Debbie Berebichez at TED-Ed: View The World Through Physics Glasses [VIDEO]

To most of us, sound and light seem like vastly different entities. However, as science speaker Debbie Berebichez argues in her talk at TED-Ed, there are many similarities that exist between the two phenomenon. And physicists, she explained, are trained to see these commonalities. In the case of sound and light, despite materializing in completely different ways physically, Berebichez tells the audience that they behave similarly. They both get from one point to another in waves. And while we have yet to uncover all of the properties the two have in common, we have been able to make fascinating discoveries based on this common thread so far.

Berebichez is currently the Vice President of Risk Analysis at Wall Street’s top risk firm, MSCI Inc., and hosts science shows on National Geographic and Discovery Channel International. She advocates seeing the world through "physics glasses" by making scientific discovery a part of everyday life. "By wearing these physics x-ray glasses and having that vision of looking at the commonalities between things that look on the surface quite different," she says in the talk, "[and] by searching and finding the underlying patterns in nature, you can actually have access to a bunch of incredible applications and possibilities." It is important to always be looking deeper at the world around us, even as we age and lose the natural curiosity most of us have as children. When you look beneath what's visible on the surface to find those deeper connections, the world appears to be even more beautiful than it was before.

Berebichez had to overcome many obstacles to reach her goal of attaining a degree in the sciences and is the first Mexican woman to receive a PhD in Physics from Stanford. She promotes the importance of becoming involved in the sciences—especially for women, who are underrepresented in the field. She also speaks with authority about finance, risk analysis, innovation, and immigration.
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