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Saving Babies’ Lives: Jane Chen Featured in New TEDWomen 2016 Video
Innovation | August 05, 2015

Saving Babies’ Lives: Jane Chen Featured in New TEDWomen 2016 Video

“There are fifteen million pre-term and underweight babies born every year around the world,” says TED Senior Fellow Jane Chen, “and one of the biggest problems they face is staying warm.” In a beautiful new video released in preparation for the upcoming TEDWomen 2016 conference, Chen outlines her motivation and process for developing the Embrace Infant Warmer—a life-saving product that has “helped over 150,000 babies across ten countries.”

With light bulbs and dangerous space heaters being used in impoverished areas that can’t afford standard incubators, Chen decided to create an inexpensive, portable, and non-electric substitute. Working at Stanford, Chen developed the Embrace, a comfortable infant wrap that uses phase-change material to melt at human body temperature and stay that way for eight hours. 

The TEDWomen 2016 video gives Chen the opportunity to talk about a particularly touching success story of the Embrace, and of the genuinely emotional nature of her work. Rather than shy from emotions, Chen now sees vulnerability as a source of strength: “I think when you can be authentic and true to yourself, that’s when you’re at your best, and that’s when you’re going to be the best leader.”

In her keynote speeches, Chen shows how innovative but simple ideas like the Embrace can transform lives, uplift communities, and encourage others to break with the status quo. By valuing simplicity and ingenuity, and with the right perspective, we can change the world—and she’s here to show us how.

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