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Irreplaceable? Why Obama Has Yet to Find a New Reggie Love
Politics | February 17, 2012

Irreplaceable? Why Obama Has Yet to Find a New Reggie Love

Three months ago, Lavin speaker Reggie Love—the long-time personal aide to President Barack Obama—left the White House to pursue an MBA at Wharton. This week, New York’s Daily Intel went in search of Obama’s new personal aide, or “body man,” only to discover that “there IS no New Reggie.” Former West Wing staff members tell the magazine that Reggie’s previous duties will instead be filled by up to three staff members, at least for now.

Here’s New York:

Part of what makes it hard to move on is that, well, Reggie was so great! Not only did Obama and Love have what the former staffer described as a big-brother, little-brother relationship, and share plenty of extracurricular interests, but Love was known for his exceptional and universal kindness. Obama liked the way that reflected on his administration.”

In his life after the White House, Reggie Love gives keynote speeches on a variety of topics, including leadership qualities he learned at the White House, as well as personal life lessons—including the role that both luck and self-awareness have played in his success so far. In his presentations, his “exceptional and universal kindness” and his winning Southern charm are on full display.
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