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Ray Boisvert: New Era, New Risks, And How to Manage Them
Risk Management | December 05, 2012

Ray Boisvert: New Era, New Risks, And How to Manage Them

The Lavin Agency would like to welcome Ray Boisvert as our new exclusive speaker. For years, as the former Assistant Director at the Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS), Boisvert studied the many critical threats to our nation to improve safety measures and risk management. He assessed worldwide foreign, cyber, espionage and terrorism threats for clues on how to better ensure the security and well-being of individuals in—or connected to—complex operating environments such as war-zones. At CSIS, Boisvert created integrated solutions and tactical advice to combat such contingencies.

Now, with his risk management company, I-Sec Integrated Strategies, Boisvert helps organizations in both the private and public sector position themselves against dangers and emerging threats to organizational integrity, using an intelligence-led strategic approach. In highly sought-after talks, Boisvert outlines how information—particularly, advanced analytics—is the best way we can understand, predict and mitigate organizational threats. Boisvert provides his audiences with practical advice and a deeper understanding of intelligence and security in a global context. Drawing from experiences in on-the-ground situations, Boisvert gives candid and important talks, chock-full of insider tips on using advanced techniques, environmental awareness, and "smart information" to inform decision making.
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