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Psychology Speaker Jonathan Haidt: Shared Sacrifice Can Help Save America
Politics | November 05, 2012

Psychology Speaker Jonathan Haidt: Shared Sacrifice Can Help Save America

In this year's presidential race, while the number one issue has unequivocally been the economy, the deficit and national debt usually comes right behind. While most discussions around balancing the books equate to talk of either cutting services or raising taxes, psychology speaker Jonathan Haidt suggests that perhaps the issue isn't as black and white as it may seem. Perhaps, the winning strategy lies in a compromise, where a little is taken from each side. "The one thing that [Obama] has never pushed on and should have is the shared sacrifice button," the author of The Righteous Mind told Yale University's political magazine. While he said that he is not an expert in specific political policy, his experience with moral psychology allows him to assess the issue from a societal vantage point. "From a moral perspective, maybe the argument [should be] that we’re in big trouble, that we’ve all got to give," Haidt told the magazine, "the benefit cuts are going to fall more on the poor, the tax increases are going to fall more on the rich — in the long run we have to do both in order to save our country."

As a highly coveted speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Haidt has dealt extensively with morality and society. He digs to the heart of moral intuition and teaches us which issues exacerbate our differences and which can help to erode them and bring us together. His talks take us inside the human mind and provide a fascinating dissection of why we think, act, and feel the way we do—and what that means for society.
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