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Bridging The Equality Gap: Robert Kuttner On Obama's Second Term So Far
Politics | January 30, 2013

Bridging The Equality Gap: Robert Kuttner On Obama's Second Term So Far

According to politics speaker Robert Kuttner, President Obama is off to a great start in his second term. However, as he writes in The Huffington Post, the widening equality gap is poised to be The President's biggest challenge. "While I am delighted with President Obama's new forcefulness and commitment to a more just society, he—and we—need to recognize what an uphill climb this is," Kuttner writes. "All of these ideas are at the outer edge of political discourse. They need to become part of the mainstream." The country is on the right track, but there is still a ways to go.

Kuttner explains that the distribution of wealth in America is still largely skewed toward the upper tier in society. Working families are finding it harder to make ends meet and new graduates are struggling to pay off student debt while competing for fewer and fewer viable jobs. As Charles Fishman recently wrote in The Atlantic, a return of industry to America will help create some jobs. However, this manufacturing resurgence won't solve the job shortage problem or lessen the equality gap all on its own. In the article, Kuttner says that a resurgence in unions, greater investment in infrastructure, better pay for service work, and taxing citizens based on their income could help to bridge this equality gap.

Kuttner has made a career out of analyzing American politics. In his books Obama's Challenge and A Presidency in Peril, he critiques the decisions made by the Obama administration and presents strategies for improving those decisions in the future. With over 20 years experience writing and speaking about financial and economic issues, he has become a trusted voice in the field. He is able to translate complex issues into an easy-to-digest analysis of the issues that matter to us most—and outlines the actions we need to take to move toward a more prosperous future.
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