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Peter Mansbridge Reviews <em>The Newsroom</em>: “It's Not a Newscast, It's Entertainment.”
The Media | August 09, 2012

Peter Mansbridge Reviews The Newsroom: “It's Not a Newscast, It's Entertainment.”

While some viewers are quick to criticize HBO's new drama The Newsroom, Peter Mansbridge—the anchor of CBC’s The National—thinks the show is exactly what it's meant to be: entertainment. Mansbridge is the Chief Correspondent of CBC News, and is therefore no stranger to the internal logic of a busy newsroom, or to the portrayal of news media in film and on television. In a recent piece that ran on the CBC’s website, Mansbridge writes: “As in any television drama, a lot of license is taken to make all this a fast-paced and interesting production,” and wryly adds that “some of the criticism spills over into conventional network news programs as well.”
In giving the show praise, Mansbridge agrees that The Newsroom “does capture the spirit and the debates of our often crazy and tense workplace,” conceding that “soap opera moments” are needed for a show of its kind to survive. “I’ll admit to being a Sorkin fan,” he says. “And quite frankly I’m not minding The Newsroom and the blunt hammer it uses in decrying the state of U.S. cable news. And really, is it that hard to wield that hammer?”

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