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The Olympic Doctor: Welcoming Dr. Julia Alleyne
Health | October 24, 2012

The Olympic Doctor: Welcoming Dr. Julia Alleyne

The Lavin Agency is pleased to welcome our newest speaker, Dr. Julia Alleyne, the Chief Medical Officer for the 2012 Canadian Olympic team and for the 2012 Pan Am Games. With almost three decades working with high-performing athletes and a decade of experience at the Olympics under her belt, Dr. Alleyne offers her audiences tips on applying Olympic lessons, strategies and attitudes to their everyday lives. With emotional storytelling and moving anecdotes, Dr. Alleyne guides us through seminal Olympic moments such as the Opening Ceremony of the first Olympic games after 9/11 on American soil, where security ran high and tensions ran even higher. Dr. Alleyne's team looked to her for support and leadership, and she did just that with pride, a sense of readiness, and the knowledge that nothing is accomplished and overcome if we do not move forward.

On stage, Dr. Alleyne talks about being a part of five Olympic games—two of which, she participated in the Opening Ceremonies—and how they have changed her understanding of the human spirit, national pride, team unity and preparedness. Wellness is best achieved through preparedness, Alleyne says. Supported by years of research and scientific evidence, and reinforced through personal experience, Alleyne shows us how to emphasize attention to detail, and how to expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst—and sometime, for the best.
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