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New Speaker Christine Sun Kim On Liberating The Voice And Owning Sound
Arts and Pop Culture | August 16, 2013

New Speaker Christine Sun Kim On Liberating The Voice And Owning Sound

"Sound doesn’t enter only through the ears," our new speaker Christine Sun Kim says on the TED Blog. "It can go through the full body and also your psyche." Born deaf, Kim never felt that she had "ownership" over the sounds around her. But in her multimedia presentations, Kim has discovered a way to own, explore, and know sound in novel ways; eroding the barriers between those who hear sound and those who do not. Whether it's through the choir she conducts—they use facial expressions to "sing"—or the installations she sculpts from synthesizers, transducers, and piano wires, the TED Fellow presents a unique relationship with sound and investigates how it influences our identity.

By taking an new approach to creating and experiencing sound, Kim opens up the possibility of liberating the voice. In her interactive presentations and intriguing keynotes, Kim develops a polyphonic approach to understanding the role sound and spoken language plays in our lives. By using technology and her art practice to give her a "voice," Kim harnesses drawings, performances, installations, workshops, and talks to bring her voice alive and break down the walls between us. She challenges the ways in which the hearing take sound for granted, and, how we can use sound to communicate in revolutionary ways we never thought possible. To book Christine Sun Kim as a keynote speaker, contact The Lavin Agency.
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