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Is "Gamification" Changing How We Work? New Media Speaker Amber Mac [VIDEO]
Technology | October 24, 2012

Is "Gamification" Changing How We Work? New Media Speaker Amber Mac [VIDEO]

Amber Mac, a highly requested speaker on all things technology and new media, stopped by our offices recently to talk about a new trend that's turning daily mundane tasks into entertaining challenges. "Gamification", a buzz term floating around the technology sector, transforms your day-to-day tasks into fun games. "It's about powering through your day with smarter tools," she said in the interview, "that involves the social stuff [and] the technology for being smarter and more organized and more productive." An example of this technology, she mentions, is a Gmail game that uses a "race-against-the-clock" scenario where the user has to answer their emails before the allotted time given runs out. As the owner of the company Konnekt and a writer for Fast Company, Amber Mac's insights on pursuing innovative practices and adapting to changing techologies are both sought after and respected. She constantly presents new theories and trends while providing concrete examples of how they can work for you—no matter what industry you're in.
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