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Matt Bai: Palin's Rise is Obama's Gain
Politics | January 20, 2011

Matt Bai: Palin's Rise is Obama's Gain

New York Times National Political Columnist and Lavin speaker Matt Bai writes about the ongoing impact of Sarah Palin in his latest article. Despite saturation media coverage, Palin’s ability to convert dissent into political action against Obama may be slightly overstated. By comparing the current political climate to the era of Reagan and Clinton, Bai deftly explains why Palin’s meteoric rise to stardom might actually be a surprise boon to Obama’s administration.

From The New York Times:
There was Sarah Palin again Monday, assuring Sean Hannity on Fox News that she was not going to be silenced, no matter what abuse might come her way. “Other people are facing much greater hardships and making greater sacrifices than I am in just engaging in debate,” said the woman who reportedly made $250,000 per episode of her recently concluded reality show.

She added, several times, “This isn’t about me.”

A lot of Republicans in Washington certainly wish that were the case. But as the new House majority begins its push this week to scale back the Obama agenda, it seems that the president now has, in Ms. Palin, something he badly needed after a punishing election season: the ideal political foil.
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