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Leadership Speaker Reggie Love: How to Lead When No One Wants to Follow
New Keynote | October 22, 2012

Leadership Speaker Reggie Love: How to Lead When No One Wants to Follow

Last month, leadership speaker Reggie Love—President Obama’s former personal aide—stopped by Lavin’s Toronto offices to talk about his new keynote on leading when no one wants to follow, a topic near to his heart. (He was in town, in fact, to give that very talk). Drawing on the years he spent with Obama during his historic first term, as well as his own time as a college sports star, Love offers his proven five P’s of leadership. Together, the five P’s amount to lessons he’s learned working at the very front lines of the White House and in the highly competitive college sports arena—two worlds where pressure (from all sides) is insanely intense, and strong leadership is a must.

One thing Love talked to us about was the concept of leading when no one wants to follow, which is a situation that Obama, and any president, really, finds himself in daily. The fact is: it’s easy to lead when times are great, or even good. But leadership in its purest form more often only shows itself during tougher times. It’s an important distinction that Love, a kind, amiable, and whip smart speaker, drew out with ease. It’s easy to misjudge leadership was his main point. Is a team great because of actions put into effect by its leader, or is the leader simply in the right place at the right time? These are questions worth investigating, and puzzling over, Love reminded us, because leadership—especially today—is not something to be taken lightly. 
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