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Let's Talk About Money: Kevin O'Leary On Finances & Relationships [VIDEO]
Personal Finance | January 16, 2013

Let's Talk About Money: Kevin O'Leary On Finances & Relationships [VIDEO]

"Marriage is actually a huge financial decision," business speaker Kevin O'Leary says in a new video interview with The National Post. While he admits it doesn't sound very romantic to think about money issues when you're deciding to spend your life with someone, it's an essential part of having a happy and successful union down the road. It's very important to think of marriage not just as a romantic union, but as a financial one. Marriage is, in fact, a contractual agreement. Expanding on advice he gives in his new book, Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women & Money, he provides suggestions for getting your marriage off to the right start.

First of all, he suggests getting a prenuptial agreement. While some may argue that they don't need one or that it's too awkward to go through with their partner, O'Leary says it's a necessity. It forces both sides to get all of their financial baggage out into the open (school loans, mortgages, child support, etc.) so that a couple can budget their money accordingly going forward. He also recommends sitting down with your partner, pre-wedding day, to chart your "90 day number." Both people in the relationship lay out all of their income and expenses over the past three months and then, collectively, the couple can see if they are coming out ahead—or in debt. Then, you can take steps to correct the imbalance if one exists. "Let me tell you what breaks up's money," he says. "So that's why you have to deal with it right now."

O'Leary is the host of two entrepreneurial investment shows: CBC's Dragons' Den and ABC's Shark Tank. He is an "Eco-preneur" who specializes in investments that make money—and are also environmentally friendly. He also runs O'Leary Funds, a successful mutual funds company. In his keynotes, he shares his no-hold-barred advice on successful saving and profitable earning. His insights are bold but effective, and he is a leading voice on a myriad of  financial and business matters.
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