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Ex Obama Campaign Boss on Kal Penn: "He Was There For All The Right Reasons."
Politics and Hollywood | October 25, 2011

Ex Obama Campaign Boss on Kal Penn: "He Was There For All The Right Reasons."

What do the White House and a fictional youth's trip to White Castle have in common? Until recently, both could be traced to Kal Penn, the Harold and Kumar actor-turned-political staffer who made waves when he left the big screen to work in Washington. Now he's making waves on the way back. This week, The Los Angeles Times has a great look at the trajectory of the multi-talented and unorthodox actor, who put a successful career in entertainment on hold to campaign for the then-underdog Democratic leadership hopeful, Barack Obama.

Readers get the feeling that behind the Harold and Kumar actor there lies a deep desire to pursue what he believes in, and that he’s willing to follow his muse wherever it takes him. A quote from Penn's campaign boss, Paul Tewes, captures the authenticity of his political effort: “There was a selflessness about [Penn]. He was there for the right reasons. He believed in the candidate, he believed in the cause. He was approachable, he didn't put on any airs. And he loved to work hard.… We'd take him to five, six college campuses a day, and he'd never complain.… You could have asked him to do anything — go lick some stamps, he would've done that."

Kal Penn returned to acting in 2011 with a new role on the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother.
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