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Jonathan Haidt: We Need To Fix Our Divided, Dysfunctional Congress
Politics | February 11, 2013

Jonathan Haidt: We Need To Fix Our Divided, Dysfunctional Congress

According to Jonathan Haidt, we need to overhaul the U.S. Congress—because it's just not doing its job anymore. "We’re deciding some of the most important issues of our day not based on what’s best for the country, or on careful deliberation," he argues in a new article, "but based on what terms can possibly survive the shredding machine of our divided Congress as it lurches past its self-imposed deadlines." Instead of working together to make the best decisions for as many people as possible, Congress is strongly divided. And the best interests of the nation are being lost in the ineffective hyper-partisan climate.

Haidt—a social psychologist and the author of The Righteous Mind—calls for a massive reform. Every level of the political process needs to be examined because, he says, "our democracy has become anti-democratic." A coveted speaker at TED, Haidt explains why our political leaders make the decisions they do and how we can change our political system to benefit the masses—regardless of their political orientation. Because, as he says, "a great nation must have a way to pass good laws," and right now, Congress doesn't have that figured out.
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