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Jane Chen is One of Dove’s “Women Who Should Be Famous”
TED Fellows | July 18, 2012

Jane Chen is One of Dove’s “Women Who Should Be Famous”

Dove has chosen Jane Chen—a TED Fellow and new Lavin speaker—for its “Women Who Should Be Famous” series of television commercials. Chen was highlighted for her strength and charisma, and for her contribution to society. That contribution comes in the form of Embrace—a social enterprise she founded which provides affordable and innovative healthcare technologies for the disadvantaged.

Embrace’s first invention is the Embrace Infant Warmer (EIW), which was praised by Dove as “a brilliant new idea and true humanitarian achievement.” The EIW costs less than 1% of the cost of a traditional incubator, and is now being distributed to clinics throughout southern India, Somalia, and China. In her keynotes for Lavin, Jane Chen draws on her work to talk about the power of simple innovation and life-saving inventions.
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