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Jack Bensimon: Consumers Ready To Spend More This Holiday Season
Retail | December 04, 2012

Jack Bensimon: Consumers Ready To Spend More This Holiday Season

Retailers can rest easy—this holiday shopping season should be a prosperous one. According to the latest Consumerology report from Jack Bensimon's company Bensimon Byrne (conducted with The Gandalf Group), Canadians' confidence in both the economy and their own personal finances is on the rise. Released last week, the report showed that 59% of respondents felt that the country was in a period of strong economic growth—the highest consumer confidence has been since 2011. “These new Consumerology findings reverse three quarters of decline in consumer confidence,” Bensimon said of the results. “That’s fantastic news for marketers and retailers as we head into the zenith of holiday shopping. Young consumers and high earners are feeling confident about their finances and that bodes well for point of sale activity.” In short, if you feel that the economy is doing well as a whole, and you are doing well financially as an individual, that typically translates to "more confidence in the marketplace and higher spending," Bensimon says.

His Consumerology reports provide comprehensive and meaningful profiles of national consumer behaviour. He has helped numerous big-name companies drive their businesses to success using the valuable consumer insights and trend forecasting he provides in the reports he publishes and the keynotes he delivers. As co-founder of Bensimon Byrne, he and his team have been responsible for some of the country's most well-known advertising campaigns including Molson Canadian's 'I Am Canadian' ads, President's Choice's commercials featuring Galen Weston, and Scotiabank's 'You're Richer Than You Think' slogan. Not only that, but Bensimon Byrne has been awarded more Cassies (awarded for proven advertising effectiveness) than any other Canadian agency. Drawing from his work in the field of retail, Bensimon helps to pinpoint what to expect in everything from consumer behavior and financial expectations to attitudes on national issues.
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