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Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Unveils The Biggest Trends For 2013
Innovation | December 18, 2012

Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Unveils The Biggest Trends For 2013

The people who win in their industries don't settle for knowing what's big now—they predict, and act on, what's going to be big tomorrow. That's exactly what innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche does with and what he tells others to do in his standing-room only keynotes. His popular and authoritative crowd-sourced website compiles a collection of the biggest trends in every industry. Gutsche and his team then use that data to predict wider trends and forecast the next big thing (check out what sees as the biggest trends to watch for in 2013 in the video above). In these Trend Reports—this one, in particular, covers the biggest trends across the board for the upcoming year, while others specifically target a certain industry—Gutsche helps companies see beyond the present and think outside the box. The next game-changing idea is an elusive and highly valuable commodity, and the Chief Trend Hunter and author of Exploiting Chaos provides clients with the insight needed to stay one step ahead and find that "thing" before their competitors do.

The video covers literally every industry, from food and fashion to architecture and technology, and provides a glimpse into what is starting to make waves now—and has the potential to explode and become a smash hit in 2013. Based on information that is provided from Trend Hunters around the world, companies get to see first-hand what is gaining headway with their clientele in these trend forecast videos. Once described as "an intellectual can of Red Bull" by Association Week, Gutsche's energy and creative insight is tremendous. On his site, in his book, and in his highly requested innovation keynotes, he pushes the envelope and inspires others to see beyond the now.
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