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What's The Legacy You Want To Leave? Jane Chen Talks To Young Entrepreneurs
Innovation | March 07, 2013

What's The Legacy You Want To Leave? Jane Chen Talks To Young Entrepreneurs

Jane Chen, Co-founder and CEO of Embrace, recently spoke at the Arizona State University Innovation Challenge where she encouraged students to take risks and dedicate themselves to changing the world. A popular innovation speaker, Chen came up with the idea for the Embrace Infant Warmer (a low-cost incubator to regulate premature babies' body temperatures) when she was a student at Stanford. The product is now making a real impact to the lives of children across the developing world, and is changing the nature of prenatal health care in the places that need it most. While the event honored one student start-up company with a financial contribution, Chen spoke on behalf of all student inventors in the audience.

"What is the legacy you want to leave?" she asked the crowd, "Mine is a world where no baby dies because it is cold." When you have a clear vision as to what you want to achieve, she explains that it's possible to achieve your goals. It's not an easy path, however. "As all of you venture out, you will never have all the data or all the facts," Chen says in the talk, "but you must trust your intuition." Given the important role Embrace has played for children around the world, and the recent press her ventures are now receiving, it's safe to say that her advice has worked for her—and can for other determined entrepreneurs as well.

Chen is a highly requested speaker on technology and social change. As a Senior TED Fellow, she also speaks regularly on the TED circuit and presented at TED2013 last month. She explained that low-cost, simple technologies can be life-altering and help curb the number of preventable deaths happening every day. Applicable to a wide range of audiences, Chen's message is a simple, but powerful, one: it is sometimes the least complex technologies that can make the biggest impact. Not only that, but all of us are able to do a small part to make the world better if we put our minds to it.
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