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Unreasonable at Sea: Cesar Harada Heads To Tokyo To Tweak His Protei Design
Innovation | February 27, 2013

Unreasonable at Sea: Cesar Harada Heads To Tokyo To Tweak His Protei Design

Innovation speaker Cesar Harada and his Protei team recently visited Tokyo to explore a collaboration with the FURO Robotics Research Center to develop their innovative sailing drones. FURO has designed processors that Harada and his team will integrate into their Protei design. Their drones will even be controlled using Playstation controllers! In the video above, Harada tests out this new partnership and experiments with different configurations of boards and drones. The trip is part of the mobile-accelerator program Unreasonable at Sea, in which Harada is a participant.

The Protei team are excited to see how FURO's contribution to their project will improve their already innovative design. They also tried out other designs and took a peek into the creative new constructions the center had to offer. And, they had a little fun, too! Originally constructed to clean up oil spills, the revolutionary shape-shifting robot Protei also monitors the conditions in the ocean and acts as a satellite link to underwater vehicles. It was designed to be efficient, green, and cheap, and the team is constantly tweaking the design to make it even more productive and expand its benefits. When he's not working on the design, he's talking about the impact that robots like Protei will have in the future. His talks not only touch on the role that his own creation will have in responding to environmental crises, but on how the robotics revolution as a whole will help carve out a more sustainable future.
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