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Should Hospitals Be More Entrepreneurial? Healthcare Speaker Jeffrey Simpson
Health | November 02, 2012

Should Hospitals Be More Entrepreneurial? Healthcare Speaker Jeffrey Simpson

Rather than having Canadian patients go to the States to get surgeries, healthcare speaker Jeffrey Simpson wants to turn the whole system "on its head" and have American patients come North of the border for care. In his new book, Chronic Condition, Simpson has some revolutionary reforms in mind for the nation's healthcare system. In a Lavin interview, he shares some examples of how to get creative with hospital funding; turning a profit while still providing quality care at a reasonable rate.

"If we were entrepreneurial," Simpson said, "we could do the same operation for about half the cost," of the American hospitals. "If we put a 25 per cent profit on the operation," he continues, "we're still offering it at a 25 per cent discount." Further, instead of insisting that routine surgeries be completed in hospital Operation Rooms (where there is already limited space), Simpson proposes that doctors and nurses be paid overtime to complete these surgeries in outside clinics. This would free up valuable space in O.R.'s that is needed for more complex surgeries, keep patients off of month-long wait-lists, and prevent them from going out of country to get the care they need. Getting doctors to organize privately—rather than publicly—could solve a lot of issues, Simpson proposed in the interview.

As The Globe and Mail's National Affairs columnist for over two decades, Simpson is in the unique position to compare health care policies from all across the world. Seeing what works—and what doesn't—has allowed him to propose reforms based on a multitude of different systems. His writing has run the gamut of domestic and international issues, and has won him some of the highest awards in journalism. He is also an engaging speaker, discussing the issues that matter most to the nation and providing solutions to some of its most complex problems.
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