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We Eat More Than We Think: Michael Moss On Mindless Eating [VIDEO]
Health | July 04, 2013

We Eat More Than We Think: Michael Moss On Mindless Eating [VIDEO]

Have you ever reached into what you thought was a bottomless pit of potato chips only to find you'd already gobbled up every last one? Michael Moss, a health speaker and author of Salt Sugar Fat, says this wasn't always such a common occurrence. In fact, the onset of this kind of "mindless eating" happened nearly overnight. Sometime in the late '80s, he explains, "it became socially acceptable to eat anything, anywhere, anytime." Regimented 6:00 p.m. dinners around the kitchen table gave way to fast food in the car and candy bars before business meetings. As Moss quips during an interview he gave at Lavin, "you really wouldn't be shocked if I got out something right now and starting munching on it." Constant eating had become an expected norm.

"That plays right into the hands of the processed food industry," the author adds. Products were developed that required minimal effort to eat. Cooking from scratch was no longer a necessity when you could rip open a bag and have dinner in an instant. You didn't even need two hands anymore! Food was now designed to move from hand-to-mouth while the other hand continued to do other things. The danger in this, Moss says, is that it cuts off the part of the brain that recognizes how much food has been consumed. Thus, you wind up covered in crumbs with an empty, crumbled bag beside you before your brain realizes how many calories you've consumed. In his book, Moss reveals the secrets of the processed food industry. He expands on this investigate reporting in his keynotes where he shows us how the food giants hooked us on their products. And, how we can fight back.
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