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Sound Solutions For Health: David Goldhill's <em>Catastrophic Care</em><em> </em>
Health | March 14, 2013

Sound Solutions For Health: David Goldhill's Catastrophic Care

After health speaker David Goldhil lost his father to a series of hospital-acquired infections, he decided to learn all he could about the shortcomings of what he considers a broken system. Sadly, he found that his father's case was not a unique one. In fact, as he explains to NPR, there's an estimated 100,000 similar deaths each year. Goldhill, the Chief Executive Officer of GSN, decided to write about this issue in a highly talked about article in The Atlantic back in 2009. Now, he's turned that article into a new book, Catastrophic Care: How American Health Care Killed My Father—And How We Can Fix It. You can check out a brief excerpt of here, courtesy of Forbes. Goldhill also touches on topics from his book in his enlightening keynotes.

Here's what the press has been saying about Catastrophic Care so far:

Publishers Weekly: "Goldhill's reasoned, logical alternative to the current system goes beyond political finger-pointing, and while his take is sobering, it's one that offers sound solutions. "

Kirkus Reviews: "Highly readable presentation of one businessman's solution, likely to provoke discussion if not agreement."
: "In the September 2009 issue of The Atlantic, David Goldhill rocked the health-care world with his compelling account of how bureaucratic American health care killed his father. Now, Goldhill is back with a new book expanding on the topic."
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