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Jeffrey Simpson: Less Money Makes For Better Health Care Reforms
Health | January 18, 2013

Jeffrey Simpson: Less Money Makes For Better Health Care Reforms

"Necessity is often the mother of invention," health care speaker Jeffrey Simpson argues, "and as a consequence, you're going to get people that have to use their craniums now to find more innovative ways of doing things because they won't be able to get money to throw at these problems." The problems he is referring to relate to the overpriced and under-performing health care system. And, as he says in a recent interview, these problems can't be fixed by monetary means. Hopefully, however, this will lead policy makers to come to creative and effective solutions. Especially because they have no other choice.

The country is currently operating in a deficit. Canada is unable to simply pour money into the system unless we borrow it—which the country doesn't want to do. The citizens have spoken, and they don't think money is the answer to our crippling health care problems, either. So what do we do? According to Simpson, we start by telling the truth. "We tell [people] we have an expensive system—as we do—and it only produces average results." Once we get that straight, he says, then we can have an intelligent discussion about what we can do to fix things. Luckily, it seems that the country is starting to realize that our system can get better, and we're beginning to start to think critically about making some much-needed overhauls. Simpson is hopeful that this changing attitude and a need for novel solutions will produce better innovations than we've seen in the past.

Simpson has been a trusted voice in international and domestic affairs for over twenty years. He has commented on social, political, and economic issues with conviction and clarity. In his newest book, Chronic Condition (he has authored eight books in total) he presents four options for confronting our health care woes and stamping them out for good. In his eye-opening keynotes he addresses the themes presented in his books, providing an insider's look at the political system, solutions for health care reform, and how to address climate change.
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