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Fixing This Country's <em>Chronic Condition</em>: Health Care Speaker Jeffrey Simpson
Health | October 17, 2012

Fixing This Country's Chronic Condition: Health Care Speaker Jeffrey Simpson

Health care is a vital part of every country's agenda. But in Chronic Condition, the new book by health care speaker Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe and Mail's National Affairs columnist explains that unless current conditions change, health care in Canada will flounder.  Despite being focused on the shortcomings of the Canadian Medicare system, Simpson's book offers critiques applicable to any flailing system—especially in North America, which suffers from high medical costs and ineffective quality of care.

"Chronic Condition is a great guide to models from around the world to be considered for reforms," George Smitherman, former Minister of Health, says in a review in The Globe and Mail. "Readers will find the lessons of history, global comparisons, abundant domestic data sets and the wisdom of one of Canada’s foremost commentators to guide them."

With two decades of experience writing about both domestic and international issues, Simpson provides an insightful and blunt analysis of the health care system and outlines the reforms needed to save it from failing completely. He argues that we must drastically decrease spending and taxes, increase the efficiency of health care, and implement a public-private partnership to the system. He is a two-time winner of the National Newspaper Award for column writing, and a recipient of both the Governor General's Award for non-fiction and the National Magazine Award. Despite proposing sweeping changes in his writing and in his talks, Simpson argues that making those changes is possible if we are willing to have an open discussion about them. "I hope the book will start a debate,” Simpson says in an article in Ottawa Magazine. “Lord knows, the country needs one.”

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