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Fatima Bhutto: "Don't Write To Save The World—Write To Break Barriers"
Social Change | December 18, 2012

Fatima Bhutto: "Don't Write To Save The World—Write To Break Barriers"

"Please, don't write to save the world," Fatima Bhutto urges in a keynote at the One Young World Summit 2012. "Write to break barriers, write to destroy boundaries, write to push for peace, write to spread compassion...but don't write to save the world." When addressing the room full of young "ambassadors," as they refer to themselves, at the summit, Bhutto says that the idea that "one group of people or one set of actions alone can save the world, or can save anything," is both "mistaken" and "dangerous". She doesn't say this to discourage the audience from trying to make a difference or from standing up for their beliefs and the rights and beliefs of others. Rather, she tells them this to remind them that everyone is connected, and the best way to enact change is not with one voice—but with many.

Bhutto was part of a group of esteemed speakers that took part in the "Women Up" portion of the summit. Joined by social change speaker Jessica Jackley (read more about her speech here), the speeches focused on how to join together and make a difference despite facing obstacles. A passionate speaker, Bhutto brings a modest intelligence to the stage and weaves together her own personal experiences with current events to provide unique insights into what's going on around us. She is also a renowned author and has written for the The Guardian, The New Statesman, and The Daily Beast. Her book, Songs of Blood and Sword, chronicles a harrowing time in Pakistan's charged political climate. Bold, but not offensive, Bhutto presents a holistic look at the world and the forces responsible for altering its trajectory—and all of our lives in the process.
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