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Lavin Keynote Videos: Elizabeth Dunn on Money and Buying Happiness
Economics | November 07, 2013

Lavin Keynote Videos: Elizabeth Dunn on Money and Buying Happiness

There's a science to smarter spending, and Dr. Elizabeth Dunn—a fantastic economics speaker—has co-authored the book on it. It's called Happy Money, and recently she took to the stage to answer an age-old question discussed in the book: Can money buy happiness? At the Inbound conference, Dunn told the audience that, yes, our money can make us happy—if we know how to spend it. In these exclusive Lavin videos, Dunn discusses, among other things, why earning $75,000 a year is our "happiness threshold," how we get more happiness when the things that make us happy are approached as a treat, and how spending money on others instead of ourselves can actually make us happier.

Dunn's much-cited happiness research, especially as it relates to spending habits, is highly sought after by individuals, employers, and corporations genuinely interested in understanding what makes people happy. To book Elizabeth Dunn as a speaker, contact The Lavin Agency.
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