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An Aging Workforce: Economist Jeff Rubin Predicts Longer Waits for Retirement
Work | August 20, 2012

An Aging Workforce: Economist Jeff Rubin Predicts Longer Waits for Retirement

Jeff Rubin, prominent economist and author of The End of Growth, discusses the future of the economy and the labor force in an exclusive talk with the Lavin agency.

The insightful speaker skips the sugar-coating and flat-out admits that North America's struggling and unstable economy will not be lending itself to the stimulation of new employment opportunities any time soon. Not only will the ability to find work in the near future become harder than it already is, but those who are currently employed in the workforce will have little hope of retiring before they have salt-and-pepper hair.

According to Rubin, a floundering national financial situation will also lead to a lack of new talent being afforded the opportunity to start their careers. Younger generations will be staying at home longer and spending more time in post-secondary education, Rubin suggests, due to the dishearteningly slim-pickings available to qualified and motivated individuals looking to enter the “real world.”

The future isn't going to be all bad, however, so don't give up just yet. Rubin projects that an increased reliance on locally made products (such as steel, furniture and food), a decreased dependance on outsourced resource manufacturing and a more educated workforce will serve as invaluable tools for a more prosperous economy.
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