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More Women Are Graduating Than Men: Marina Adshade On Why It Matters
Economics | March 28, 2013

More Women Are Graduating Than Men: Marina Adshade On Why It Matters

More women are graduating from post-secondary schools than men, says economics speaker Marina Adshade. And that has a big impact on who these women are dating and marrying. "In Canada, between the ages of 25 and 44, for every 100 university educated men there are 125 university educated women, and it's the same in the U.S.," the Dollars & Sex author told us in an interview at Lavin's Toronto office. "The long-run consequences are that women who are educated who only look to marry men who are as educated as themselves or better educated—some of those women are bound to be disappointed." Because there is an uneven ratio of educated women to men, Adshade says this creates a disequilibrium in the market. And this shift in the market will start to dramatically change the types of men that women seek out as romantic partners.

In her insightful new book, Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love, her keynotes, and in her standing-room only university course, "Economics of Sex and Love," Adshade explores the theory that who we partner up with has more to do with market forces than with cupid's arrows. And, she's got the economic proof to back it up. In her talk with us, Adshade unpacked some research from the book on what happens when a disequilibrium in the market occurs. "Something's got to give," she says. The first thing that will change in women's dating habits is their preference for highly educated men. Since there are fewer of them, women will stop placing education at the top of their checklists. Secondly, Adshade argues that more women will remain single. This is something that Kate Bolick, author of the breakout hit Atlantic story "All The Single Ladies" (soon to be a CBS sitcom) also speaks about. Finally, Adshade says that women may also choose to start dating younger men to find the qualities they are looking for.

It's not only women that this trend is affecting, however. Men may also start to make some changes when they notice the ratio is off-kilter. Adshade notes that people who are educated have higher marriage rates and lower divorce rates than those who aren't. Economics, she explains, certainly has a lot to teach us about why we make the choices we do—and love is no exception.
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